This Year

This year is the year of conclusions. This is the time to concludePages, File, Projects, Systems, Ideas, Thoughts, Aspirations and All. I am not saying this because some around the world has stated that the World will end thiss year, No! It is a season of conclusion because piles of endless endeavours must always find closure. And often we just go on and on and on with everything we are doing without stopping to check how far we have come, where we are going and whether it is still sensible to run on.

I challenge you to assess your life engagements, your career efforts, your studies, businesses, family and frendships. It is easy to walk the path we walk daily and still not notice a few important things we miss. Analyse all your life goals and endeavours and ask yourself, which ones must go on, which ones must be closed, which ones are relevant. If anything is not taking you closer to where you want to be then it is not sensible to pursue it further, adjust it of close it.

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