Since August 2003, Savannah has reached many lives by exemplary principles and values. While self-sustained we have touched those who are distance from progress, the marginalized, the underprivileged, the stigmatized, the under-informed and many others whose lives were at the edge of surrender, or closing to the passage of success. Our training, counseling and guidance are purported to transform one’s life today and sustain their vigor to impact more generations tomorrow.

Our Mandate

  • Ours is not just inculcation of information, but strategic inspiration of trans-formative ideals and ideas of a productive–vibrant lifestyle.
  • Ours is to invest confidence and positive mind-sets among the hopeless, the oppressed, the helpless, the underprivileged, the marginalized, the unfortunate, the disadvantaged and the faithless.
  • Ours is to contribute towards saving this generation from the wrath of HIV/AIDS through behavioral transformation and positive character development.
  • Ours is to bring out the unseen greatness of people’s ability to be leaders of their own lives, and for them to lead a life of purpose and significance.
  • Our mandate is to tap the best in people’s lives and make the greatest out of it.
  • Ours is to transform young people into responsible and productive members of the family unit, the community, the nation and the world at large.
  • Ours is to exhibit our faith and trust in human resource.
  • Often times people desire to lead groups, teams, families, constituencies, governments and so on; but within a simple philosophy, you will understand that only one who can lead himself/herself can provide great leadership to others.
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