On Screen: The NEXT thing is HUGE!

Watch this space; the next big thing is huge. Sometimes I think it is too huge to be unleashed! But let us see what will surface! For 14 Weeks I ran the Extraordinary Ready for Marriage Programme without any stoppages. International media endlessly followed the stories and happenings of the R4M programme until today. And I still see how that the story has not stopped. It is not yet done. People’s lives cannot just be sorted easily and quickly, there must be continuity and follow-up. There is so much that needs to be done for people to somewhat have their lives solved and sustained. I have seen how society has its extreme measures of discrimination and uncertainties. Whatever comes next on TV must, in all great hope, address in the future – acceptance of hard anomalies that impede those that got derailed from normal state to get back.

Watch behind this space, The NEXT thing is HUGE!

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