On Screen: The NEXT thing is HUGE!

Watch this space; the next big thing is huge. Sometimes I think it is too huge to be unleashed! But let us see what will surface! For 14 Weeks I ran the Extraordinary Ready for Marriage Programme without any stoppages. International media endlessly followed the stories and happenings of the R4M programme until today. And I still see how that the story has not stopped. It is not yet done. People’s lives cannot just be sorted easily and quickly, there must be continuity and follow-up. There is so much that needs to be done for people to somewhat have their lives solved and sustained. I have seen how society has its extreme measures of discrimination and uncertainties. Whatever comes next on TV must, in all great hope, address in the future Рacceptance of hard anomalies that impede those that got derailed from normal state to get back.

Watch behind this space, The NEXT thing is HUGE!

Master Chimbala

Master Chimbala is a Passionate, Magical & Dramatic Motivational Speaker, TV Producer, Presenter, Author & Trainer with over 14 to 24 years Experience in Business, Consultancy & Training in various Intercultural Communities.

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