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Thank You for Supporting the Ready for Marriage Programme!

r4m thank you

I wish to say am very thankful to everyone who support the R4M programme is whichever way from inception until the aftermath of the Grand Finale. I wish you the most of blessings!

R4M Finalists

Weddings on R4M

Who is NEXT seeking REDEMTION?

Master Chimbala 3

After getting to hear from Esnart Mwanza (R4M#08) and Isabel Mwansa (R4M#15), we get to feature Oxcilia Nkoloma (R4M#18). Esther Phiri (R4M#09) is NEXT….!

The once were 6 on R4M, now 4 Contestants

R4M survivors 6

14 others are waiting to be redeemed back onto the show of competition! Who will you bring back?

Final Elimination Happening

Master Chimbala 5



r4m grand finale 2


Is it Muleya (R4M#04)

or Sandra Muyaba (R4M#03)

or Jane Mutale (R4M#05)

or Precious Amukusana (R4M#17)

or Mwamba Hangolo (R4M#01)

or Precious Kawinga (R4M#11)

Lets here you view, who should survive the final elimination on Monday?

Yes Indeed, It is happening…


There is still so much more that you have not seen yet. The Contestants have been taken into the house. I wonder if you truly know what that means. If not, well, hold on for just a bit and you will see whats coming up soon. But just a little dot of taste, it is about tradition and culture being inculcated into the lives and lifestyles of the Contestants. Join the fan and make you say on my Facebook Fanpage, click here.