I believe in young people!

They young hold the living hope for a better tomorrow. They dream limitlessly and aspire with determination. I believe in them because society needs that we invest our faith in the young people. I believe in them because I know that they hold so much that will make our societies better as they pursue their own aspirations. The older generation must take the lead in helping the young ones to lead descent, hopeful, inspired and disciplined lives. This will surely grace us with a society that we seek much. It has been very hard to rid our society of corruption, infidelity, immorality, laziness and overall unfaithfulness. These are the ills that we must remove from the younger generation. We must instill positive values in the young people today in order to harvest a better society tomorrow. Young people must also harness the positive energy of support that comes from other people around them. They must acknowledge that they are the key to the better world we seek.

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