Services by Master Chimbala

Strategic and Diverse Consultancy

Delivering ideas, services and support towards the building of your organization, project, career, concept, cause and business brick by brick with exceptional skills, networks, linkages, experiences and capacity.

Inspired Life Coaching

Mentoring, counseling, guiding, competence-building and inspiring through coaching sessions to achieve specific goals.

Transformational Training

Comprising several diverse courses in business, careers, management, organizations, community development, personal leadership and success.

Trainer | Speaker | Life Coach

Life Coaching and Training Delivered on WhatsApp

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Other Services by Master Chimbala

Course for Life Coaches, Mentors and Motivational Public Speakers

Comprises personal, career and skills development through training, coaching and experience-led success accumulation along progressive platforms and phases leading to a strategic business and career plan.

Television and Cinema Content Productions

A broad capture of performers in coaching, setup and mobilization for a full TV, Cinema, DVD productions with complete logistical setup featuring the best technocrats and proven talents.

Album Production, Performer Success and Celebrity Building

Building you through encounters and levels towards your successful brand. Learn vital aspects of business, establish key business links, record your music with style and quality, producing all your photos, videos, publicity, marketing, events, personal packaging and product sales.

Voice-Works, Voice-Overs and Narrations

Dynamic voice works for documentaries, adverts, musical inserts, poetic recitals, narrations, book-readings, trailer productions, jingles, announcements, newscasts, movies and conversations.

Successful Book Publishing and Branded Author Building

From idea to successfully published selling Author with a brand and an activated market. Publishing is more than proofreading and printing, but about a successful author, a selling product and a marketed brand.

Strategic and Diverse Consultancy

Delivering ideas, services and support towards the building of your organization, project, career, concept, cause and business brick by brick with exceptional skills, networks, linkages, experiences and capacity.

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Inspired Life Coaching

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Global Testimonial Feedback

I admire the great personality of Master Chimbala. I am inspired by his dedicated, commitment and good communication skills balanced with emotional maturity.

INDIA: Sr. Violet D’Souza Community Work

What a friendly and humorous man. I have been impressed with Master’s eloquence in words and his deep passion towards work.

Korea: Seok-Jo Son Banking, Finance and Cooperatives

What I appreciate in Master Chimbala is his brilliant observation which provides in-depth understanding that inspires and embraces humanity.

Ethiopia: Meaza Bahiru Economics and Agriculture - Public Office

What an incredible and amazing person! When I first heard Master speak I was impressed by his voice, tone of speech, precision of conversation and his power of communication.

USA & INDIA: Kiran Padale Industrial Psychology, PHD Path

I am grateful for the many lessons that I have acquired from Master Chimbala through his publications and talks. He is a highly inspirational and focused person.

CYPRUS: Zindaba Mwanzah CYPRUS: Students Affairs Manager - CIU

Pivot of Critical Strength

More about Master Chimbala's works

  • Inspirational Life Talks, Coaching & Strategic Consultancy
  • Training in Leadership, Business, Management & Community
  • Voice-Overs, Voice Narrations, TV & Radio Adverts
  • Website Designing & Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Media Productions for Print, Online, Radio and Television

Profficiency & Competencies

Innovation, Concepts, Solutions, Brands & Projects
Media, Productions, Publications & Arts
Leadership, Management, Community & Social Change

What defines my agenda, most often?

The diversity of assignments may be related to igniting faith and hope in a struggling organization, restructuring an organization in the wake of increased competition, rejuvenating value systems in a team, redefining key goals for a musical band, mapping out marketing opportunities for a new business, training human resources in the understanding and adherence to systems and brand concepts.

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