Transformational Life Talks, Training & Presentations

Experience a life-transforming encounter with the Arise+Lead+Legacy programme; the iGnite Your Life Talks; the Entrepreneurs’ Skills Training; Multi-thematic Top-Cream Short Courses and the Social Justice & Community Development Training.

TV and Radio ADVERTS

Let us make a brilliant and outstanding TV and Radio advert for you. We shape the concept, create the flow, feature the best talent in act and voice, package the thematic story, embrace your brand, capture your target audience and count it your business success.

Inspired Life Coaching

In my COACHING I will walk with you in a structured journey of specific experiential objectives that will empower and equip you with growth in different aspects of your life including careers, business, relationships, goals, freedom, confidence, etcetera.

Strategic Consultancy

We help build your organization, project, institution, business and personal life journey in different aspects including document design, branding, strategic planning, policy formulation, M & E, management, marketing, media, leadership and HR development.

iGnite Life 4 Success PIONEERS Talks – Rising from Zero

The Pioneers Talks will iGnite your Life aspirations, goals and dreams. There are always so very many people who are totally stranded. They have no way or step to take into their next life story. This condition premises an endless loop of failure and pain.

Add Joy and Class to your EVENT

Taking the podium as guest speaker, poetry reciter, performer, toast master or guest of honor has always come with an attached taste, of both words and style all the way, since 1994 when I echoed different events as remarkably as do I, in days of the now.

do you ever wonder WHY some people continuously increase in their success while others forever languish in failure and poverty?

the true keys to the doors of your success are hidden behind your own shadows

iGnite Your Life 4 Success - TALKS

experiential DIVERSITY in strength


The past 2 decades have been full of great creations, encounters and works spread across various communities. Most recent and much still active projects continue unfolding in different places and fields. In many cases services are provided in diverse packages

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TESTIMONIALS from Global Encounters

Master is a friendly and humorous man. I am inspired by his eloquence and passion towards work.

KOREA | Seok-Jo Son: Banking | Finance | Coorperations

What an incredible and amazing person!!! When I first heard Master speak I was impressed by his voice, tone of speech, precision of conversation and his power of communication. He is able to speak directly to someone's emotions.

USA | Kiran Padale: Industrial Psychology

I admire the great personality of Master Chimbala. I am impressed by his dedication, commitment and good communication skills balanced with emotional maturity.

INDIA | Sr. Violet D'Souza: Social Worker | Community Development

Through Master Chimbala's Training I have acquired essential skills that have enhanced my professional confidence in life.

ZAMBIA | Thokozile Tafela: University Student

What I appreciate in Master Chimbala is his brilliant skill of observation which provides in-depth understanding that inspires and embraces humanity.

ETHIOPIA | Meaza Bahiru: Agriculture | Economics

Recent Encounters, Works & Experiences

Traversing through the corridors of 20 years delivering different works has unlocked deeper understanding and broader learning about life, business, people, success and the fundamental philosophy of purpose.

FULL PACKAGE SERVICES: Successful Book Publishing and Branded Author Building

From idea to a successfully published selling Author with a brand and an activated market delivering powerful appearances.

FULL PACKAGE SERVICES: Training for Life Coaches, Mentors and Motivational Public Speakers

Personal, career and skills development through levels, phases and platforms and graduate with a successful journey.

FULL PACKAGE SERVICES: Production of Album, Performer Success and Celebrity Building

A successful brand, fame, connections, quality photos, videos, publicity, music, marketing, events, packaging and sales.

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