How Your Life Can Change Exponentially

Blame not the world for your misfortunes, because you have the power in you to make the best and to realize the most each day of your life. Many times in life More »


Get Ready, Go!!!!!!!!

Always be READY for an OPPORTUNITY so that when it does come, you just get on and ride to SUCCESS. Believe it is heading your way and you are making HEADWAY towards More »


3 Significant POINTS For a Great Leader

A leader must: Know comprehensive vision and mission of his/her path. Know his/her people. He/she must know their strengths, weaknesses, capacities, situations and their knowledge of the vision. Understand the past, Handle More »


Quit Doubting Yourself Now!!!!

Quit doubting yourself, everything you wish to achieve depends on you – you are the most vital capital for success. Never look down on yourself. . If you think less of yourself More »



When everything seems to be going wrong and you feel that you are headed for doom and failure, be steadfast and stay on course because the account of true greatness is trembled More »


R4M Amplified 2013 Results

Couple 4′s Towela wept in joy as she and her Partner Chibesa carried the 1st Prize of 100,000 Wedding Sponsorship, While Edith & Chengo of Couple 3 took the 2nd Prize of More »

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The Difference You Wish to Make

The general environment may obviously affect the extent to which you can use your skills and knowledge but cannot necessary stop you from making the difference you wish to make through your More »


Attend My Motivational Training This August 2013

It has been a great marathon of blessings, motivation, inspiration and wisdom that have made a long road of experiences and lessons. JOIN me on Saturday, 10th of August 2013 from 14:00 More »

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I believe in young people!

They young hold the living hope for a better tomorrow. They dream limitlessly and aspire with determination. I believe in them because society needs that we invest our faith in the young More »


If you feel everything has gone sour, wrong and bad in your life, STOP and start thinking HOPE, positivity and SOLUTIONS.

If you have have made a series of bad decisions which you deeply regret, STAND firm and make strong resolutions to CORRECT what you can, let go of that which you cannot change and LEARN from everything.

If you have lost the pillar you depended on in your life, don’t despair, TOUCH your chest where you heart is and say “NOW I graduate to be the Pillar of my life”.

If someone betrayed your love causing you to give your everything and they have left you alone, unloved, rejected – don’t worry further, pick yourself up, take a bath, walk tall, look into the mirror and with CONFIDENCE say “I am beautiful, the HAPPINESS that has left is only half of the happiness that is YET TO COME in my life”.

If you have failed in business, education or career pursuits, learn from every error then ask all those whose ACCOMPLISHMENTS are alike your desires how they did it, then with STRENGTH and DETERMINATION pursue a new road to success.

If you once kept and treasured your virginity but you have lost it, and this is making you feel horrible, you can revive that promise and make it alive again, declare a RENEWAL, make the COMMITMENT and keep it.

If you have gotten infected with HIV, don’t kill yourself, make every minute worth living by being PROACTIVE and taking good care of yourself, remember to also teach others about the right ways of taking care of themselves.

If you have fallen pregnant, your guy refuses responsibility, you may even be broke-unemployed and in poverty – do not abort, reconstruct your life from MIND, HEART, ATTITUDE, learn from others who have survived similar circumstances, LOVE your child even before birth, LIST every way you can make money for your SURVIVAL, I know this is not easy, but it is also not impossible, remember, report the guy so that he takes responsibility.

If you have been sexually abuse, don’t remain closed-up hidden in secrecy and solitude, get help from someone you can trust, get counseling, report the culprit, find FORGIVENESS and FORGE AHEAD.

If you are discouraged, demotivated, depressed, speak life, happiness, success in your life, listen to positive music and talk, read inspiring writings, socialize with POSITIVE-minded people, ATTEND LIFE-MOTIVATING seminars and talks.

If any of these and other situations apply to you, consider attending one of my talks/training/sessions. Write to master@chimbala.com


Powerful Declarations

Dear friends, declare that your life will be prosperous and full of achievements. Make each days with less enemies but more friends, less hatred but more love, less loses but more profits, less pain but more joy, less crying but more laughter, less disagreements but more cooperation, less fights but more handshakes.

Let this each day be great! By faith you must pray, seek, knock, aspire, dream and wish better and more successful days for you, your family and  your communities. I extend my hand of prayer in faith so that what you desire will come to pass. Remember that reality depends on faith to shape its being. So, open your mind to positivity and embrace the spoken declarations of faith. Do proclaim them and live by them.

I have seen the pages of the new year 2014!

I have seen the pages of the new year 2014, and there are puzzles that will require pieces from 2013, questions that will need answers from 2013, challenges that will be overcome by hard work from 2013, difficulties that will be solved with experiences from 2013, goals that will be pursued with passion from 2013, success that will be embraced with a touch from 2013. So from this year, as it ends, no matter how it has been for you, pick your lessons, your motivation, your courage, your strength, your persistence and get into the new year 2014 with FIRE burning in you. Declare that 2014 will be a great 12 months like no other. Be wishes from me with Love! Visit the Master Chimbala Facebook PAGE and LIKE the Page!!!




Be Careful. Be Smart. Be Informed!!!

Nowadays there are so many schemes of business that come up and seem very good and profitably. Due to the lack of employment that everyone is faced with, most people tend to close their eyes when making decisions by taking up everything that comes there way. Do Not DO THAT!!!! Not everything that seems good is any good at all. Some business opportunities are almost impossible for you to succeed, meaning it will take you years, millions and too much endless effort for you to make any profit from it. I know that great investments take time, but that does not justify every measure of time doing business that is not paying you back anything month after month. Before you join any group, any business, any job you MUST first be SURE how profitable the same will be for you. You must know the following:

  1. How much investment is needed from you in order for the first level of profit to start coming into your profit.
  2. How much work/effort you need to provide in order for you to earn sufficient and grow your business?
  3. Is the business you are getting into sustainable in terms of consumption/purchases? Are the products you are due to be selling required by people from day to day or only periodically?
  4. Assess your clients list taking into full consideration their income, financial capacity, willingness to buy from you and their needs from the same products.
  5. Considering retail prices and your clients’ financial muscle – what kind of paying plans can you afford to give your clients and how will that affect your business?
  6. Assess your competition. Who else is selling what you are selling and what makes you a better source for the customer.
  7. Make a business plan which include the following:
    • Full clients list of potential buyers (friends, relatives, colleagues, others and their contacts)
    • Step by step chronological investment schedule from initial capital, operational costs (airtime, transportation, publicity, other services) and business boost input.
    • Business mechanics structure: highlight how the whole process of various business transactions will be carried out, for example: how you will pay for orders, is it by western union or Xapit or bank deposit of money transfer or cash or cheque or VISA card swipe etc? How will you receive the items? Are there any risks and how would you best prevent any possible losses and damages? How long will products take to arrive?
    • How will you get the items to your clients? This is in terms of transportation, packaging, delivering or collection?
    • What documentation will you produce for record keeping of stock, expenditure, income, correspondence etc.
    • Have you made sure of: Affordability, Accessibility and Constant publicity?

If you are joining a network marketing business ensure that you understand EVERTHING about the ENTIRE business from the catalogue of products, profits, bonuses, shares, ranks, members’ privileges. Do not always just believe fake promises like you may win a car or house or US$100,000 by the end of the year. For these privileges there must be very clear formulae of how to get there so that you can measure your ability and aim accordingly.

Be clear about every percentages mentioned, bonuses promised and discounts guaranteed. Although great success in business often requires a good investment of time, a good network marketing company must get paying you good profits first from the product sales, then the viable network you build, then the purchases by your team members, then periodic bonuses, as well as rank-based privileges. A good network will make every hardworking member happy just starting with retail profits.


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Dream the Ultimate

Don’t let doubtful small minds make you believe that you can’t achieve what you want. I tell this dear friends, Dream the Ultimate-Top Goals, and Time will unfold before your eyes the Immaculate Success you have always been seeking. I Believe with you Right NOW!!!

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How Your Life Can Change Exponentially


Blame not the world for your misfortunes, because you have the power in you to make the best and to realize the most each day of your life. Many times in life we look outside ourselves and blame everything that surround us. We blame the government, God, family, friends, systems, the economy and just so much more. Some people actually develop the trend of blaming so habitual that it turns to define them. I call this, the chronic blame syndrome. It gets so worse that the blamer completely fails to see their mistakes or their part in all that goes wrong. Other people literally avoid them because of excessive blame falling on all that is around their life. In the long run they get to be feared for their constantly blaming fingers.

Truth must be given here and now, your life will never account into anything by applying blame on people, circumstances or any concurrent misfortunes that occur in your life.

Instead of looking outside your scenario, look deep deep inside yourself and cultivate your self-innovation, find your answers, make your own strategies, plan out your life and build your self-image and personal faith. By so doing you are taking stock of your personal role, and you are taking responsibility of your life today and tomorrow. Consequent to these decisions and actions the circumstances in your life will change exponentially. The bad experiences will no longer derail you from achieving your goals.

Get Ready, Go!!!!!!!!


Always be READY for an OPPORTUNITY so that when it does come, you just get on and ride to SUCCESS. Believe it is heading your way and you are making HEADWAY towards your realizing of SUCCESS yourself.