Life Coaching for You

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Hello, this is Master Chimbala welcoming you to my Life Coaching services. I have been carrying out Life Coaching services for various people since 1997. To date I have served thousands of persons in intercultural and international communities in different circles of life. I am grateful to have been accorded the opportunity for the past 19 years to assist and guide many different people to sort their lives towards places of achievement, growth and happiness.

Master Chimbala’s Principles of Life Coaching

  1. The journey of Coaching must help the person to get where they seek.
  2. Coaching must assist a personal see clear choices, find strength to make decisions and gather the self-power to walk the steps necessary to achieve their sought world.
  3. Coaching must be dwelt along clear, specific and measurable objectives
  4. Coaching is all about the individual person and their life


As a gifted conversationalist and motivator Master Chimbala’s key areas of experience include both Coaching aspects and therapeutic psycho-social needs, which include the following:

  1. Career choice, change and growth
  2. Enhanced personal performance, achievement and productivity
  3. Social relations, inter-personal skills and communications
  4. Family, marriage and relationships
  5. Overcoming challenges, fears, worry, failure, illicit beahaviours
  6. Building your personal brand for success
  7. Utilizing time for heightened productivity
  8. Goal setting and planning
  9. Confidence, self-esteem and courage
  10. Dealing with terminal illness, loss and tragic circumstances
  11. Leading a healthy lifestyle
  12. Forgiveness, hatred, grudges, enmity
  13. Personal harmony
  14. Business pursuit
  15. Mounting a career using your talents, gifts
  16. Shifting from indecision to assertiveness and positive thinking
  17. Self love and acceptance
  18. Sharpening your specific skills and abilities

mc-success-3-150x150The Life Coaching Courses range from an average of minutes, to hours, days, weeks and months, depending on the needs and convenience of the client. My methods are diverse, simple, flexible and fully customized for each client and their sought objectives. My clients participate in practical activities that help them attain true growth. For me, Life Coaching and Mentorship are not just motivational speeches and talks; they are about guiding and inspiring the client to achieve what they want.

The training, mentorship and coaching journey is customized to specific needs and aspirations of the client. The content and direction is therefore continually adjusted to fit the unfolding objectives and achievement of the specific individual. Each Course has its own specifications and may vary in terms of the customized process of the curricula due to client’s timing, geographical positions, work culture and participatory preferences. In appropriating desired change, clients expect to experience spontaneity and surprises. They are met with interesting abrupt situations, assignments and activities.

Some of the materials that I use in my coaching include my published Books, DVDs and Audio CDs, multimedia platforms, newsletters and other publications to undertake different assignments and training processes. Where deemed necessary, clients are connected to different other conversations, activities, events and tasks.

Training, teaching, counseling, mentorship and coaching under the auspices of Master Chimbala are based on years of personal diverse experiences, lessons, philosophies, ideologies and proven formulas. Therefore, any manner of certification accorded by Master Chimbala is intended to provide proof of successful participation and completion of the undertaken Courses.

The major
Purpose of carrying out these Courses is to inspire, motivate, educate and help transform people’s lifestyles into more responsible, productive, successful and happier lives.

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