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I am very excited to provide excellent diverse services to different people and organizations. For the past decade my efforts in multimedia productions and works have been hugely strengthened and expanded on radio, print, online and television. For 20 years now, I have also enjoyed the successful delivery of key services in Training, Consultancy, Motivational Life Coaching, Media, Speeches and Performing Arts. My Schedule of the year 2017 is EXTREMELY inspiring and ravaging. There are great Training EVENTS, OPPORTUNITIES, TALKS, PUBLICATIONS, COACHING SESSIONS and MULTIMEDIA works.

Television Newscasting
Training, Talks, Coaching
Media Producer | Presenter
Performing Arts & Promotions
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Conversations, Speech & Public Speaking
Corporate & Social Enterprising
Social Justice & Community Development
Video, Audio, Book, DVD & CD Publishing

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Our Great Services

Here are some of the many great services that we provide:

Training, Talks & Motivational Life Coaching
I am on the great run with 2017 as I have geared EXCELLENT key programmes in Training, Consultancy, Motivational Life Coaching and other services.
Media Programmes, Performing Arts & Advertsiements
Conceptualization, planning, designing and management of Television and Radio programmes, adverts, documentaries, films, thematic videos & audio clips.
Publishing, the Shop & Upcoming Training Events
There are publications available for your enjoyment in forms of motivations books, DVDs, inspirational CDs and Life Transforming Training Events.

What is happening now and where?

Catch up with the latest news, updates, events and happenings...

News & Updates
Take charge of your Life and Time Now

So often in life we do things according to other people’s perceptions, directions and expectations. Some things we participate in are all because we need to please someone or achieve some fame. Truly, in the faces of many we are so busy doing all that is not part of our game plan. Much of what […]

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How Your Life Can Change Exponentially

Blame not the world for your misfortunes, because you have the power in you to make the best and to realize the most each day of your life. Many times in life we look outside ourselves and blame everything that surround us. We blame the government, God, family, friends, systems, the economy and just so […]

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Be steadfast at the very bequeathed Power

When everything seems to be going wrong and you feel that you are headed for doom and failure, be steadfast and stay on course because the account of true greatness is trembled by those who dare to face the storm head-on. Yes, I mean it, face the storm instead of hoping and waiting for it […]

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Your WEDDING Toast with Master Chimbala

Make your Wedding spiced-up and flavorful with Master Chimbala’s Special TOAST. Simply Poetic, Romantic, Memorable, Humorous and Melodious! The best 7 to 11 minutes is yours. Tell me: the Venue the Date the Event time the Toast time and is there anything else you want me to do for you or your partner? Just tell […]

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Points for a Leader

A leader must: Know the comprehensive vision and mission of their path; Know their people and purpose of existence; Know their strengths, weaknesses, capacities, situations and their aspiration; and Understand the encounters of the past, decisions of the present and actions of the future.

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Sharpen your focus

At whatever  time and situation, always sharpen your focus by asserting all your energies and your best attention on things that matter the most. It is very easy to be taken by events of meager significance and get lost in the whirlwind of life. Don’t allow that to happen to you. Sharpen your focus constantly. […]

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Television & Radio Activities
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Poetry Created

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The organizations and programmes that create opportunities and possibilities for development and service delivery among various target communities

Savannah Intercultural Mission

Savannah Intercultural Mission

Youth, Social Justice & Community Development

empowering people

Zaviva Yes

Zaviva Yes

Development by Social Enterpreneurship & Networking

prospects piece by piece

Dynamic Masterpiece

Dynamic Masterpiece

Business Creations, Services & Developement

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